• Hopefully the post New Year hangovers are now a distant memory and as we stride forward into 2017 it’s time to get our fishing heads back on. We took some time with #TeamMAP to discuss their successes of 2016 and also what they plan to be doing this coming year!
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  • For this months feature I'd like to talk about something that is increasing popular throughout commercial fisheries, and a method that I really look forward to once the weather begins to cool. Approaching a commercial with a fish for everything that swims approach can lead to an awesome days sport and also a brilliant way of remaining consistent during matches when the Carp aren't feeding quite as well as during the summer months. Over the years there have been lots of pieces written about combining a carp and silvers approach during matches, usually a case of catching a few lumps to begin with then topping up with a weight of silvers and finishing with a few more big lads late on.
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  • Anglers are a funny lot to buy presents for, that book you saw in town 'The Practical Guide to Fishing' probably won't be of use or be that practical, those funny fishing related socks... probably aren't that funny, that gift set from a popular department store with that cheap 'fishing multi tool' will break after a single use. So here are our top buys for that special match angler in your life.
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  • Unfortunately summer has disappeared into the distance for the foreseeable and with the onslaught of another winter coming around quicker than we would like we are now faced with a fresh challenge in our fishing exploits. Commercial venues in particular require an approach that couldn’t be more different to what you have been experiencing during the warmer months and the bait tubs full to the brim with bait and margins full of ravenous Carp are long gone. Once the water starts to clear and heads towards freezing carp become lethargic and don’t move around much at all – meaning that where you find one the rest will not be far away!
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  • Dozens of articles each year are written on the subject of pole rigs, quite frankly it becomes a mind-boggling choice for most - especially those new to match fishing but it needn't be that way! If you talk to any of the top match anglers from #TeamMAP they will have three or four rigs which cover 95% of their fishing. The majority of your fishing on most commercial venues, especially in the cooler months will be spent fishing on the deck in 3-6ft of water, so the first rig will cover exactly that situation.
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  • Using bread in a rod and line situation for fishing at long distance, catching big fish on single hook baits and a truly deadly method feeder approach that I’ve kept under my hat until now! It has been absolutely bitter on the bank in recent weeks so I had my work cut out to put some fish on the bank – but I needn’t have worried! Bread has got to be the best bait by a country mile on commercial waters when the weather is conspiring against you with hard frosts and near freezing lakes, its soft, light, visual and fluffy nature makes it the number one bait for carp that often shun harder hook baits in the leanest times.
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