• At the Tackle & Guns Trade Show in October last year, MAP released the new 2G TKS range, an upgraded range with some lovely new touches, but interestingly there was no 901. In fact, I was blown away by the 801 and was struggling to see the difference between that and the original 901! I was told not to worry, though, and that something good was on its way.
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  • Friday has seen me fishing the first round of the prestigious ‘Drennan Knock Out Cup’ at Tunnel Barn Farm. With 146 of the countries top anglers I knew it could be tough doe to the amount of angling pressure. This could easily lead to any of the lakes shutting down resulting in it being hard to qualify. With the top 60 weights qualifying you could still win your section or lake and potentially not qualify. With myself, Aidan Mansfield and Shaun Little fishing the winter league at this venue and a few open matches since, we had come to the conclusion that if we all aimed for 75lb we would hopefully come in the top 60.
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  • There are literally thousands of commercial fisheries throughout the UK and the most common design of these fish filled venues are snake type lakes – usually dominated with the humble F1 they are fantastic places for match and pleasure fishing alike. Typically 13 to 16 metres wide and following a canal like profile with shelves and a deeper channel they are, on paper, very simple venues to fish but it’s the fish stocked that provide the challenge. F1s are notorious for doing the vanishing act following a good start and you can quite easily find yourself bite less for long periods. The key to good results on these waters is to catch consistently throughout the five hours of the match or the duration of a pleasure session – I visited the High Pool at Tunnel Barn Farm near Warwick where I spent five hours on the bank to demonstrate how to go about it.
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  • It’s no secret that I am a fan of fishing as light as possible; it is possibly my biggest edge! But in some situations a compromise must be made in order to get the most from the peg. When deciding on what kit is right for the situation there are only three components that need to be looked at...
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  • Spring is always a strange time of year when you’re an angler, with cold nights and warm days you could be bagging up shallow one day and scratching around for a bite on maggots the next. There are always a few things you can do to put the odds in your favour and those vital extra fish in your net so we ask #TeamMAP for their top spring tips…
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  • TKS stands for Top Kit Solutions… Put simply every single TKS Top Kit will fit every single TKS Pole EVER made, be that a TKS10 coming up for 10 years old or a soon-to-be released TKS 901 2G. So if you have already brought into the TKS range of poles and come to upgrade, you can still use all your current top kits which you will have spent a lot of time and money elasticating. This not only saves you money, but also helps you to grow your collection of kits as you develop your angling.
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