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Skill School - Quick Tips - How To Feed Accurately With Pole Pots

Posted Date: 09/12/17

Jamie Hughes is a huge believer in accuracy being key - By looking at how you empty your pot, you can increase your catch rate!

Skill School - Quick Tips - How To Shot A Pole Float

Posted Date: 04/12/17

Jamie Hughes shows off his three simple shotting patterns which cover nearly all of his fishing on commercial venues.

Skill School - Quick Tips - Which Pole Elastics Should I Use?

Posted Date: 29/11/17

Top angling coach and Fish'O'Mania Champion Jamie Hughes runs through his choice of elastics and how many of each you should be carrying.

Skill School... Part 22: Simple Winter Canal Fishing

Posted Date: 28/11/17

England international James Dent details his simple but ultra effective approach to winter canal fishing.

Andy May - The Interview

Posted Date: 22/11/17

We sat down with angling legend Andy May to ask him some of the biggest questions...

Bream Fishing with the Parabolix Black Edition Feeder Rods

Posted Date: 26/10/17

Tony Curd heads to Shatterford Lakes to test out the new MAP Parabolix Black Edition feeder rods...

Skill School... Part 21: Open Water Pellet Fishing

Posted Date: 27/09/17

Jamie Hughes heads to Mescar fishery to demonstrate how he approaches open water pellet fishing. Talking through the rigs he uses, how he feeds and most importantly the little tell tale signs...

Skill School... Part 20: Paste Perfection

Posted Date: 14/09/17

Tony Curd shows us how he targets big carp at the famous Glebe fishery using paste tactics.

MAP Long Hook Length Box

Posted Date: 12/09/17

Jamie Hughes shows us how the new MAP Long Hook Length Box has helped to simplify his fishing. Expect to see it in all MAP retailers October 2017 - SRP £26.99.

Top 5 Beginners Mistakes In Match Fishing - Andy May

Posted Date: 17/08/17

We asked the UK's best angling coach, Andy May, what the five most common mistakes he saw on a daily basis and how to improve them!

MAP Fishing - Jamie Hughes On the Box - Live Match Footage - Hayfield Lakes

Posted Date: 09/08/17

We join the newly crowned Fish'O'Mania Champion Jamie Hughes on a practice session on Hayfield Lakes ahead of the Maver Match This Final. See how he ...

Challenge Andy May... Round 5 - Steven Porter @ Solhampton Fisheries

Posted Date: 15/05/17

For this challenge, Andy headed to the stunning Solhampton to fish head-to-head against venue expert Steven Porter...

MAP Fishing - Jamie Hughes On the Box - Live Match Footage - Boldings

Posted Date: 03/05/17

MAP star Jamie Hughes is back 'On The Box' at Boldings Pools in Bridgnorth. With the weather warming up and the fish starting to feed can he put in a match ...

Skill School... Part 19: Method Masterclass

Posted Date: 29/03/17

Jamie Hughes shows us all his little tips and edges when fishing the pellet method feeder!

Skill School... Part 18: A Spring Attack

Posted Date: 24/03/17

As the weather starts to warm, MAP's Tony Curd looks at a three line approach which can really help you make the most of your swim at this time of year!

Skill School - Quick Tips - Pimp Your Pellets

Posted Date: 08/03/17

Jamie Hughes shows us how he prepares his hard pellets to suit the situation he is faced with!

MAP Fishing - Andy May On the Box - Live Match Footage - Partridge Lakes

Posted Date: 17/02/17

Andy May makes his debut 'On The Box' heading to his favourite Partridge fishery, showing how he approached an F1 match on a cold winters day!

Tony Curd's Margin Rig

Posted Date: 06/02/17

Check out how to tie Tony Curd's Margin Rig incorporating the awesome MAP MF3 Floats ...

Tony Curd's Dobbing Rig

Posted Date: 06/02/17

Check out how to tie Tony Curd's Dobbing Rig incorporating the awesome MAP ISF2 Floats ...

Skill School - Quick Tips - Make Your Own Dacron Connector

Posted Date: 26/01/17

Tony Curd shows us how to make a quick and easy Dacron Connector using only MAP Side Puller Beads and Coated Braid.

Challenge Andy May... Round 4 - Jamie Hughes @ Partridge Lakes

Posted Date: 23/12/16

In what is set to be his toughest challenge yet, Andy May is challenged by fellow MAP angler Jamie Hughes... Between them they have won three of the last four Fish'O'Mania titles collecting...

Skill School... Part 17: Stick Float Fishing

Posted Date: 08/12/16

MAP's Andy May head's to his local River Dane to show us how to catch on the stick float.

MAP Fishing - James Dent On the Box - Live Match Footage - Woodland Lakes Thirsk

Posted Date: 21/11/16

MAP backed England International James Dent joins us for his first 'On The Box' fishing an open at Woodland Lakes. Conditions were tough with very few carp showing, so he took an alternative...

What is QRS?

Posted Date: 21/09/16

QRS (Quick Release System) is the brand new concept from MAP which makes attaching and removing seatbox accessories quicker and easier than ever before...

MAP Fishing - Jamie Hughes On the Box - Live Match Footage - Heronbrook Fisheries

Posted Date: 23/08/16

We join Jamie Hughes on the second day of the Heronbrook Summer Festival. Far from being a standard midweek open, this is fishing against some of the venues strongest anglers. After winning...

MAP Fishing - Aidan Mansfield On the Box - Live Match Footage - Tunnel Barn High Pool

Posted Date: 16/08/16

We join MAP's Aidan Mansfield on the prolific High Pool, taking his favoured shallow approach how will he fare...

Skill School - Quick Tips - Pole Floats

Posted Date: 10/08/16

Tony Curd shows us a super simple time saving tip when re-using pole floats.

Skill School... Part 16: Short Pole Fishing

Posted Date: 10/08/16

Tony Curd takes us to Monk Lakes to show us how to approach the short pole line. Using both pellets and meat to catch plenty of big carp and barbel!

Skill School... Fish'O'Mania Special with Jamie Hughes

Posted Date: 08/07/16

Unfortunately the Fish'O'Mania Semi-Final this Friday is not going to be televised, which is a little bit rubbish - so here at MAP we thought we would provide you with the next best thing....

Skill School... Part 15: Bomb Fishing

Posted Date: 17/05/16

Jamie Hughes shows us how he has refined his approach to fishing with both 'bomb and bread' and 'bomb and pellet'.

Challenge Andy May... Round 3 - Lloyd Holmes @ Risby Lakes

Posted Date: 10/05/16

Challenge Andy May is back! After suffering a defeat in Round 2, Andy is desperate to seek revenge. But has he got the 'skills' to beat Lloyd Holmes on his home water Risby Lakes?

MAP Fishing - Jamie Hughes On the Box - Live Match Footage - Manor Farm

Posted Date: 22/04/16

It's Jamie's second appearance 'On The Box' and he takes a visit to Manor Farm in Evesham. Far removed from snake lakes, this is a venue dominated by bomb and feeder fishing at range... See...

Skill School - Quick Tips - Groovy Pellets

Posted Date: 19/04/16

Jamie Hughes shows us how he adapts his pellet hook baits to stay on the band.

Skill School... Part 14: Maggot Fishing

Posted Date: 15/04/16

Jamie Hughes looks at three rigs he uses for his maggot fishing, filmed at Heron Brook Fishery.

Skill School - Quick Tips - Netting Fish

Posted Date: 11/04/16

Jamie Hughes? explains why he uses a long landing net handle and how it can benefit you in a match situation. To find out more about the Parabolix Landing ...

Skill School... Part 13: Dobbing

Posted Date: 04/04/16

Jamie Hughes talks us through his approach to dobbing which has won him numerous matches this winter including a Fish'O'Mania qualifier!

Skill School - Quick Tips - Lasso or Bait Bands?

Posted Date: 15/02/16

Shaun Little looks at the benefits of using a Lasso over bands...

Skill School - Quick Tips - How To Set Up Your Pole Roller

Posted Date: 12/02/16

Shaun Little looks at how to set up your pole rollers in order to ship your pole quickly and efficiently.

Skill School - Quick Tips - MAP Flexi Pots

Posted Date: 10/02/16

MAPs Shaun Little shows how he adapts the Flexi Pots for his fishing.

MAP DUAL Pole Rollers

Posted Date: 08/02/16

MAP Designer Shaun Little runs through the unique features that make the DUAL Roller stand out from the crowd. These are available now from all good MAP ...

MAP Fishing - Aidan Mansfield On the Box - Live Match Footage - Tunnel Barn Pt1

Posted Date: 06/01/16

Top young match angler Aidan Mansfield was fishing his regular haunt of Tunnel Barn Farm for an open. The MAP cameras followed him step by step to see he ...

Skill School... Part 12: Deep Water Roach

Posted Date: 22/12/15

Tony Curd heads to Shatterford Lakes to look at the tactics needed to target big roach in deep venues.

Challenge Andy May... Round 2 - Calum Craig @ Whitemoor Lakes

Posted Date: 11/11/15

Ding, Ding... Round 2 is here! After the success of the first round we had MAP fans inundating us with requests to 'Challenge Andy May' but there was one video which stood out from Calum Craig....

Skill School... Part 11: Winter F1 Fishing

Posted Date: 06/11/15

As the leaves start to turn and the temperatures plummet it becomes even more vital to fine tune your approach to make every bite count. Jamie Hughes heads to Tunnel Barn Farm in pursuit of...

Skill School... Part 10: Plumming

Posted Date: 29/10/15

Two time Fish 'O' Mania champion and top angling coach Jamie Hughes talks us through the details of plumbing up. Going into detail on the way he does it to give himself the best chance of seeing...

MAP Fishing - Matty Pillay On the Box - Live Match Footage - Lindholme Lakes

Posted Date: 07/10/15

Matty Pillay is On The Box this time on the Northern bagging Mecca LIndholme Fishery, after drawing peg 67 on Bonsai he had a couple of real fliers to compete with. How will he do?

MAP Fishing - Jamie Hughes On the Box - Live Match Footage - Kings Pool

Posted Date: 22/09/15

It is time to put our team of anglers under some real pressure! One chance to fish a live open match in front of our cameras, no second chances, no editing to make them look good, this is as...

Skill School... Part 9: Speed Fishing

Posted Date: 12/08/15

Shaun Little has mastered the art of speed fishing for F1s winning countless matches on his local Tunnel Barn Farm, he shows us what gear and tactics you need to speed up your fishing and gain...

MAP Parabolix: Black Edition Luggage - An Overview

Posted Date: 11/08/15

MAP Designer and Consultant Shaun Little talks us through the features and changes to the new Black Edition luggage.

MAP Parabolix: Black Edition Layflat Carryall

Posted Date: 11/08/15

MAP Designer and Consultant Shaun Little shows us the plethora of unique features on the new Black Edition Layflat Carryall.

MAP Parabolix: Black Edition Layflat 6 Tube/2 Rod Holdall

Posted Date: 11/08/15

MAP Designer and Consultant Shaun Little shows off the innovative features which make the Layflat 6 Tube holdall one of the most unique on the market today.

Skill School... Part 8: Big Water Bream

Posted Date: 10/08/15

Tony Curd takes us to the banks of Bough Beech Reservoir to target the bream which inhabit this vast water. He shows us how to approach a water of this scale ...

Challenge Andy May... Round 1 - Mark Dickinson @ Westlands

Posted Date: 23/07/15

The concept was simple... We opened the door to all challengers to fish against Andy May head to head on their home venue. The challengers came in there hundreds but the inaugural match was...

Skill School... Part 7: Margin Lumps

Posted Date: 06/07/15

Aidan Mansfield from MAP armed with his trusty TKS Carp 2 Pole gives us a quick run down on how to make the most out of your margins and bag them bonus chunks! These are the fish that can make...

Skill School... Part 6: Rotating Lines

Posted Date: 26/06/15

We join Jamie Hughes at Weston Pools fishery where he shows in depth how he approaches a match situation. How many lines, when he fishes them, how he feeds them and how he keeps catching when...

Skill School... Part 5: Waggler Fishing

Posted Date: 19/06/15

Fish O Mania Champion Jamie Hughes shows us how to approach Cudmore with a waggler whilst on a practice session for yet another final!

MAP Quick Change Frameless Method Feeders - Jamie Hughes

Posted Date: 16/06/15

Jamie Hughes introduces our new Quick Change frameless method feeders, the latest addition to our range of Quick Change feeders. Utilising a unique central ...

MAP P-series reels

Posted Date: 24/04/15

Both the P3000FD and P4000FD have been designed to cover all float and feeder fishing. Both models feature over-sized shallow spools which prevent the line ...

MAP DUAL hooklength box

Posted Date: 10/09/14

The DUAL Hooklength Box is unique in that it combines a hook length storage area with a magnetic work station, ideal for storing your hooks and other rig-tying items. Featuring a UV-protective...

MAP Flexi Pots

Posted Date: 05/09/14

MAP's Mike Robinson guides you through the range of new Flexi Pots. These soft pots mount centrally on your pole tip for perfect balance and because they're ...

MAP Lasso Tool

Posted Date: 05/09/14

New for 2014 is the Map Lasso tool, the perfect tool for opening lassos This handy bit of kit is sure to help speed up mounting pellets, as MAP's Mike Robinson ...

Skill School... Part 4: Short shallow fishing

Posted Date: 03/09/14

Ace bagger Tony Curd reveals how he fishes short on commercials, catching fish that are up in the water. Learn how he feeds, what rigs he uses, plus top tips to improve your catch rate.

Dual luggage

Posted Date: 17/06/14

New for 2014, the DUAL range of luggage from MAP is designed to bring ultimate functionality at a price that's right. With six items in the range, there's luggage ...

Skill School... Part 3: Shallow water pellet fishing

Posted Date: 23/09/13

In the latest part of MAP's 'Skill School' series, MAP consultant Shaun Little looks at how to fish up to islands using pellets. Feeding via a pole-mounted pot and presenting close to far bank...

The 901 is here...

Posted Date: 16/09/13

September sees the launch of the new flagship pole from MAP, the TKS 901, a pole that is re-writing the rulebook when it comes to how we see flagship pole.

Skill School... Part 2: Meat fishing in the margins

Posted Date: 05/09/13

In the second part of MAP's tutorial series, Mike Robinson guides you through the basics of using one of the most popular commercial fishery bait, meat. Mike shows you how to prepare meat...

Perfection Redefined

Posted Date: 19/08/13

MAP's new flagship pole is coming.....

Skill School... Pt1: shallow fishing on the pole

Posted Date: 13/08/13

Welcome to the first part of MAP's 'Skill School', a series of tutorial videos designed to help you refine your fishing and improve your catch rates. In this first part of the series, MAP...

Performance is everything...

Posted Date: 09/08/13

Performance, it's the key to the new 901 pole, a pole that will change the face of flagship poles forever. Keep your eye on for ...

Feeder fishing for river bream

Posted Date: 05/08/13

MAP and Bait-tech-backed Tony Curd takes a break from commercial fishing to reveal how he targets bream on flowing water using groundbait feeder tactics. Fishing the River Thames around Kingston,...

Raising The Bar....

Posted Date: 02/08/13

There's something new on the horizon from MAP.....

How To... fish the pellet Method feeder

Posted Date: 23/05/13

The pellet feeder has become a matchman's favourite in recent years because of its simplicity but have you tried the pellet Method? MAP's Shaun Little explain ...

How to cast to a line clip

Posted Date: 22/05/13

MAP consultant Andy May gives you an in-depth lesson in clipping up using the patented ACS clip and how to cast accurately. For more information on the ACS clip log on to

MAP Quick Change feeder system

Posted Date: 16/05/13

MAP's Andy May guides you through using the innovative Quick Change Feeders from MAP, revealing their simplicity and unique design and how they will ...

Quickfire questions with Tony Curd

Posted Date: 14/05/13

MAP-backed match ace Tony Curd gives an insight into what makes him tick. Visit the MAP website -


Posted Date: 01/11/12

The new MAP In-Line Interchangeable feeders have been designed for the today's modern angler. These new feeders can be changed easily and quickly which ...


Posted Date: 19/10/12

A totally unique case which has been designed to transport up to 8 pole kits with the rigs attached! If your an angler who tends to fish the same venue every ...

MAP New TKS Pole Range

Posted Date: 21/09/12

For the last two years we have really pushed the boundaries on pole development. Using new and exclusive mandrels and the very latest in carbon technology, ...

MAP Hook Length Box

Posted Date: 11/08/11

Parabolix LayFlat Carryall

Posted Date: 11/08/11

MAP ACS Reel line clip

Posted Date: 11/08/11

MAP Meat Cutter

Posted Date: 10/08/11

Possibly the best Meat Cutter on the market.

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