14.5-metres of performance pole in your hand for under £700! That’ll be the TKS 301 2G…



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The TKS 301 2G takes the TKS formula seen in its lower priced cousins and pushes it to new lengths…. 14.5 metres in fact! Giving the user additional reach over its lower-priced stablemates, the TKS 301 2G is designed for the angler who wants more versatility through length without having to compromise on quality. Did we mention it’s all at a very low price of under £700?

Supplied with an integral V1 Puller Match kit, plus four pre-bushed V1 Puller Power kits that are rated to No20, the TKS 301 2G  is geared up for commercial fishing, especially on snake lakes where 14.5 metres will see you able to search the whole of your swim.

With great rigidity at full length, the TKS 301 2G is a joy to fish with and really does punch well above its weight.

  • List
  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon
  • Smooth Ship finish throughout
  • Section alignment system
  • Slotted side puller bush fitted to all top kits
  • All kits are pre-bushed with extra-long, UK-made pure PTFE bushes for easy setup
  • Supplied with 4x V1 Puller Power kits rated up to No20 elastic
  • Supplied with 1x V1 Puller Match kits rated up to No12 elastic
  • TKS cupping kit and cups
  • Reinforced mini-extension
  • Deluxe pole holdall supplied
  • 12-month guarantee
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