High performance, superb rigidity and power to subdue even the biggest fish – this is the TKS 201…



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Building on the ideology of TKS – to offer versatility whatever your budget – the TKS 201 offers high performance at all lengths and most importantly, a great fishing experience thanks to its light, balanced blank.

Measuring in at 13-metres, the TKS 201 2G makes an ideal starter pole because it is light, stiff and easy to handle thanks to a smooth finish and high levels of rigidity. But for anyone on a tight budget, this will also be a great pole for them to fish for anything that UK waters can throw at them.

With uprated materials used in the 5,6 and 7 sections, we've eeked out every bit of performance to enable users to push the pole to its limits, and with its spares package that includes three pre-bushed V1 Puller power kits (plus a V1 Puller match kit in the pole), a mini extension, a cupping kit (including cups) and deluxe pole holdall, this is a pole that will offer the user everything they require.

  • List
  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon
  • Smooth Ship finish throughout
  • Section alignment system
  • Slotted side puller bush fitted to all top kits
  • All kits are pre-bushed with extra-long, UK-made pure PTFE bushes for easy setup
  • Supplied with 3x V1 Puller Power kits rated up to No20 elastic
  • Supplied with 1x V1 Puller Match kits rated up to No12 elastic
  • TKS cupping kit and cups
  • Reinforced mini-extension
  • Deluxe pole holdall supplied
  • 12-month guarantee
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