The pole that took TKS to the next level and changed the face of modern poles; revised for 2015/16, the TKS 801 2G is a powerhouse that perfectly embodies strength, balance and finesse…



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With the TKS 801 2G we’ve created a pole that can truly be used ‘straight out of the bag’ by even the most demanding angler… supplied with three V3 Puller Power kits and seven V3 Puller Match kits (one of which is in the pole), we were adamant that the angler should be able to go fishing and have enough kits to cover all eventualities. We’ve met that target…

Of course, if you do decide to expand your selection of spares there are top kits, mini-extentions and other accessories available to fit your needs. Plus, all TKS top kits come pre-bushed with high-quality internal pure PTFE bushes that are made in the UK; V3 match kits feature a 3.5mm bush and power kits carry a 4.2mm version.

  • List
  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon
  • Smooth Ship finish throughout
  • Section alignment system
  • Slotted side puller bush fitted to all top kits
  • All kits are pre-bushed with extra-long, UK-made pure PTFE bushes for easy setup
  • Supplied with 3x V3 Puller Power kits rated up to No20 elastic
  • Supplied with 7x V3 Puller Match kits rated up to No12 elastic
  • TKS cupping kit and cups
  • Reinforced mini-extension
  • Deluxe pole holdall supplied
  • 12-month guarantee
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