The TKS 601 2G, built for the match angler who wants true versatility without breaking the bank…



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With an extensive spares package that brings together match and power kits, the TKS 601 is designed to suit the all-round match anglers who wants versatility at the heart of their pole setup.

With an SRP of less than £1,500 the TKS 601 offers superb rigidity and tip recovery at all lengths, meaning you can hit more fast bites when fishing at 16-metres.

The biggest change with this new version is it's now based around the same mandrel as the Flagship TKS 901, meaning it has proven pedigree as a high-performance pole that will suit the rigours of all-round pole fishing.

Supplied with four V2 Puller power kits and three V2 Puller Match kits (one is in the pole), plus a cupping kit and reinforced mini extension, this really is a pole to suit the angler who loves fishing long on a variety of venue.

Capable of handling elastics up to No20 and with strength at the core of its design, it is a powerhouse that does the delicate tasks brilliantly. A truly versatile pole and an affordable price.

  • List
  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon
  • Smooth Ship finish throughout
  • Section alignment system
  • Slotted side puller bush fitted to all top kits
  • All kits are pre-bushed with extra-long, UK-made pure PTFE bushes for easy setup
  • Supplied with 4x V2 Puller Power kits rated up to No20 elastic
  • Supplied with 3x V2 Puller Match kits rated up to No12 elastic
  • TKS cupping kit and cups
  • Reinforced mini-extension
  • Deluxe pole holdall supplied
  • 12-month guarantee
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