An instant classic, the TKS 501 2G is 16-metres of pure perfection at a price many of you will love…



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A 16-metre pole driven by great value should never be a compromise and here at MAP we’ve designed the TKS 501 2G to be a market leader, a pole that sets the standard.

The original and award-winning TKS 501 was possibly the best sub-£1,000 pole on the market, and improving it was huge challenge; It taken us two years of development to get the new 501 2G series just right, and trust us, we're amazed at how much of a punch this pole packs!

When you first pick up this model, you will instantly notice how much lighter it is compared to the old model....because it is! It’s an amazing 123 grams lighter, which in 'old money' is 4oz lighter, an incredible achievement considering we have made it even stronger and more rigid.

Material changes on 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8 sections have helped to reduce the overall weight and improve the balance without compromising strength.Without a doubt the new 501 has raised the bar for this price point.

We have also improved the spares package and now comes supplied with a total of eight kits; four V2 Puller Match kits (one in the pole), plus three V2 Puller Power kits, a mini-extension, cupping kit and deluxe pole holdall

Able to fully utilise the TKS system of spares, which includes mini-extensions, short No4s and uprated top kits, the TKS 501 is a benchmark pole that many other poles in the price bracket can only dream to equal.

  • List
  • Ultra High Modulus Carbon
  • Smooth Ship finish throughout
  • Section alignment system
  • Slotted side puller bush fitted to all top kits
  • All kits are pre-bushed with extra-long, UK-made pure PTFE bushes for easy setup
  • Supplied with 3x V2 Puller Power kits rated up to No20 elastic
  • Supplied with 4x V2 Puller Match kits rated up to No12 elastic
  • TKS cupping kit and cups
  • Reinforced mini-extension
  • Deluxe pole holdall supplied
  • 12-month guarantee
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