Commercial Carp Keepnet

Protection for your catch is paramount so we've worked closely with the ANGLING trust to produce nets that are totally safe



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In an age where weights are getting bigger and bigger on modern commercial fisheries, keeping your fish safe for the duration of a match has never been so important. Our Commercial Carp Keepnet is manufactured from Angling Foundation-approved mesh that is proven to protect carp. The 3-metre length means there’s plenty of room for carp of all sizes and being dark blue in colour means it will create a calm environment for your fish. Anodised aluminium rings are super-strong and weighed to keep the net at full-section and the last four rings feature corner protectors for added wear prevention, and the top ring features an adjustable angle tilt that will fit all standard bankstick attachments.
  • Angling Foundation approved
  • Ultra-strong anodised aluminium rings
  • adjustable tilt angle fitting
  • Eye-catching MAP livery
  • Bottom four rings are to protect mesh
  • weighted rings to keep the net submerged

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