TKS Spares: Poles & Top kits

Monday 30th November 2015 Feature

We get a huge amount of questions relating to our TKS system of poles and just what spares are available for each and every model of pole, so we thought we’d give you an in-depth run through of what’s available…
The whole idea of TKS is that everyone who owns ANY TKS pole ever made can utilise top kits that are (or have been) available. No matter if you have an older model or you’re currently using one of our new 2G models, you can be sure that if it’s got TKS on it, that top kit will fit your pole.
For many people, this is a great way to not only personalize their poles, but to increase their versatility. They can invest in more power kits if their fishing demands it, use higher grade carbon kits if they feel the need, and even invest in specialist kits such as F1 Shalla tops… it’s all about having the setup that suits the angler.

The Mandrels

Currently we produce a wide range of top kits to fit our new range of 2G poles. The basis of TKS is that three mandrels are used across the entire pole range that have been carried on from our original ’01 range of poles so sections will be interchangeable:

Mandrel 1 – TKS 101/201/301 2G
This is the basis of our lowest priced poles, using a high grade of carbon but with a firm focus on providing ultimate strength and great value through a resin factor that gives a good balance between overall weight and rigidity.
All poles based on this mandrel are supplied with a number of our V1 slotted Side Puller power kits (plus a V1 match kit in the pole).

Mandrel 2 – TKS 401/501 2G
Our mid-range poles utilise a higher grade of carbon that contains less resin for increased rigidity, especially at longer lengths. With an eye firmly on amazing value, both the poles in this section of TKS are pitched firmly at anglers who want more versatility from their supplied top kit package, with both V2 match and power kits supplied.
As with all 2G top kits, these feature our unique slotted Side Puller bush.

Mandrel 3 – TKS 601/701/801 2G & TKS 901
Our flagship 901 was an improvement on the original 801 and for the 2G series, we’ve maintained use of this same mandrel. Unlike the previous generation of poles though, the 601 now uses this mandrel, taking its performance up a level and fitting it into our ‘premium’ sector.
The 601, 701 and 801 2G models all utilise our highest grade of carbon, offering amazing rigidity in their respective price range. This carbon is also seen in the bundled V3 top kits, again featuring the unique slotted Side Puller bush on both the match and power kits.

The Kits Options
Our TKS ethos has always been based around versatility and simplicity and this is seen in our top kits.
All match and power kits for 2G poles come pre-bushed with pure PTFE bushes that are manufactured on the UK. Unlike many other bushes on the market, these are extra long so provide excellent performance with any type of elastic. Combined with the slotted Side Puller Bush that is found on all V1, V2 and V3 top kits, this is a system that really does enhance the experience of playing fish. With an elastic rating of no12 on match kits and no20 on power kits, all situations are covered.

We know top kit length is important when swapping between match and power kits so all ‘V’ kits measure up at 2.7m in length, pre-bushed so there’s no need to cut anything – just elasticate and go!

But for those of you who want something a little different – say, fishing short rigs – we’ve got the F1 Shalla top kit, a 6ft, one-piece top kit that is rated to no12 elastic. This has proven super-popular with anglers who fish shallower venues, especially snake-type lakes where rigs are very short indeed. Not only does it negate the need for loads of line above the float, but it also changes how you net fish; fish played to the net come in much closer allowing you to net them quicker and speed up your session and create less disturbance close to your catching area.
For 2016 we’ve also introduced the TKS Traditional Match Kit. This is a three-piece kit with a ‘traditional ‘ removable no1 section. This kit doesn’t come pre-bushed, as it’s designed for anglers who fish with very fine elastics to prep it themselves with the bush they choose. This is a product we’ve been asked for predominately by the silver fish fraternity. It does feature a reinforcement band if you did fancy fitting a side puller bush.

If you’re an owner of an older TKS pole, never fear as all new ‘V’ kits will fit your model. We’re also making sure that if you want exact replacements for the ‘Competition’ range of top kits that shipped with the original range of ’01 poles (including the TKS 901), we are continuing to make these available.
These kits are 2.7m in length and come pre-bushed with PTFE bushes. They also feature a reinforcement band lower down on the section for side puller bushes to be fitted.

Aside from top kits, we also produce two cupping kits to suit all TKS poles; the Competition Cupping Kit, which is a 2.7m kit that is perfect for use alongside any of our regular top kit, plus there’s the new F1 Shalla cupping kit, a 6ft/1.8m, one-piece cupping kit that is designed to accompany our F1 Shalla top kits. 

All top kits can be ordered directy through our network of approved MAP stockists