Meet The Team: Michael Buchwalder

Thursday 30th June 2022 General

Winter leagues with the best UK teams, world pairs wins, fishing in the World Championships, bagging the Drennan Knockout Cup …. Michael Buchwalder’s angling CV is as choc-full of enviable victories as his head is of invaluable angling tips and tricks, and we’re absolutely stoked to have him as part of MAP’s ever-growing line-up of anglers.

Honing his skills in around Milton Keynes as a youth, he’s long been at the top of the pile of UK anglers who can turn their hand to anything, fishing commercials and natural venues with the same level of positivity, experimentation and confidence regardless of where he draws.

Now often seen fishing Irish festivals, he’s probably best known these days for his feeder fishing where he’s become a leading light in developing innovative feeder techniques, capped off by his inclusion in the Irish Feeder team for World Championship duties. But his skill with a pole is second to none, backed up by numerous key wins on venues like the famed Warks Avon and his continuing inclusion in the powerful Dorking squad….


The one tip you’ve never forgotten? 
Best tip I’ve ever had was from a non-angler, it was on telly years ago, and the guy said “never forget where you came from however far you get, as once you’re at the top the only way is down and when you’re down you need mates”. That kind of advice applies so much in life. I started fishing with MKAA (Milton Keynes Angling Association) match group when I was 14 and still class all of them as best mates to this day.

Who’s your angling hero?
I’d be forgiven for saying Bob Nudd, he’s one of mine, but top of the pile for me is Phil Wintle, he was captain of MKAA when I joined. He picked me up, drove me about and he was also bloody brilliant at fishing - he’s actually won two nationals individually.

Amount of time you spend prepping per week?
I would love to be able to spend hours but a young family and busy work life mean maybe three hours a week 

Best venue you’ve fished and why?
Tamar Lake - it’s brilliant and a venue that’s been very kind to me. I’ve fished seven festivals, won five, had a second and a 3rd place. For some reason the venue just clicks in my brain how to feed them.

Worst day on the bank?
We don’t have bad days on the bank do we? Like the old saying goes; “A bad day’s fishing is better than a good day at work!”

Does team fishing give you the same buzz as a big individual event?
I used to live for team matches with MKAA , Shakespeare and Dorking, but I love individual matches more nowadays. However, the Sonubaits Superleague has made a massive impact and I love it.

Least favourite method?
Slow sinking bomb.

The angler you’d love to take a quid off?
I’ve already taken a quid off most to be fair!

Is there one bait that sits above all others?
Redworms - best skimmer bait in world 

Favourite bait to fish with?
Bloodworm and joker without a doubt. It’s such a naturally effective bait but still carries a massive stigma with it or either being hard to get your head around, or that it’s some kind of ‘superbait’ that 

Most precious match fishing moment?
Winning the Drennan Knockout Cup back in 2015; I lost my dad three days before the first round so that year he was with me – I had some weird luck to win. 

Would you still match fish if there wasn’t money involved?
Yeah, I would for sure. I just love bashing people up!

Does your mindset have to change when you’re fishing internationally? 
No, not for me. In the end it’s only actually a game so I don’t feel any pressure and fish are fish no matter where in the world they live. 

Best angler you’ve fished with/against? 
Not really one angler but when you go abroad and you realise just how good some of the anglers are that amazes me, that definitely helps you up your game.