Jamie's drawing secrets

Thursday 29th March 2018 Feature

MAP – Morning Jamie, thanks for finding the time to have a quick chat with us today, we know it’s starting to really ramp up with qualifiers.
Jamie Hughes – Yes it’s all starting to go a bit mad at the moment, with the three big money events now on, I could literally be fishing a qualifier every weekend. I think it’s great for the sport!

MAP – So what have you got on this weekend?
JH – I’ve got my ticket for Match This at the Glebe which having qualified from there in the past is always a favourite, I might have a play at Larford on Saturday but I’m not quite sure yet. With the weather being so cool for the time of year you really have to be drawing bang on.

MAP – Something you’ve built a bit of a reputation for over the past few years, especially in these big events…
JH – Haha, you could say that! I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been called a draw bag, I just laugh it of now. But that’s the way I like it, they think it’s just luck or fluke but there is a bit more to it than that…

MAP – Really?
JH – 100%, it’s going to sound a bit weird to some of you but without sounding big headed my consistency in the draw bag speaks for itself. It’s something I’ve been reading a lot into over the past few years and you only have to google ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ (PMA) and there are thousands of articles about in short how positive thinking, combined with some visualisation techniques can really make a difference to the outcome of a draw.

MAP – So you’re saying you can pick your peg every time?
JH – *Laughing* Ah I wish it was that easy dude! It’s not a fail safe technique but having kept a record of the pegs I drew vs the pegs which I wanted to draw a pattern has definitely started to immerge since utilising these techniques.

MAP – I’m intrigued now, what are the techniques?
JH – Obviously I don’t want to go into all the details, it’s a proper edge and has taken me years to learn I guess. But it starts before the match, I always want to have a peg in mind. So using the Glebe for example when I qualified it was peg 1, an awesome qualifying peg and one that I thought would do the damage on the day. But once you have that peg number in your head you want to use a technique called ‘influencing your surroundings’ so using that number as much as possible that day. So I set my alarm for one minute past, on the drive to the lake listen to Radio 1, all these little things add up. Then anyone who has seen me at these big events will know I don’t like hanging around waiting for a draw, it’s not because I’m an anti-social bugger, but this is where the visualisation comes into play. I walk to the peg and stand there for a few minuets and really concentrate, visualise your gear set up, what lines you are going to fish, just get the feeling that you own that peg.
When it comes to the actual drawing I like to wait until the very end of the queue, letting the universe do it’s thing and as I have proved on so many occasions it will work for you. As I say it’s not every time, but the stats don’t lie. I know most of you will think I have gone a bit loopy which is exactly why I don’t mind sharing all this. But if you do have a play with a few of these techniques then best of luck.

MAP – Wow, that’s gone a bit off track where I expected the interview to go but some food for thought. Best of luck this weekend!
JH – Cheers mate.