Jamie Hughes talks pole elastic

Feature Posted date: 30/08/2017, 15:08

With so many elastics to pick from, getting the right one for your fishing can be tricky... Jamie Hughes gives us his guide as to which elastics he uses and why!

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Make the most of Islands - Tony Curd

Feature Posted date: 17/07/2017, 11:07

Fishing to islands on commercial venues is a key element to any match anglers approach, coming in all different shapes, sizes, and depths these fish holding magnets can be a little difficult to get your head around when you start to consider all the variables and scenarios you can come up against on each different peg. I’ve bought the cameras back to Peg 136 on Match Lake 4 at Monk Lakes in Kent, where I recently won a Fish’O’Mania Qualifier by making the most of an island peg using a positive approach which opens up a world of opportunity…

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Facing the floods - James Dent

Feature Posted date: 14/06/2017, 10:06

As a match angler, fishing rivers is something of a love hate relationship! Some days you will turn up and draw the ideal peg with perfect conditions and there is no place you would rather be. Add a few foot of extra water overnight, tea coloured water (we’re talking proper northern tea too – none of that milky southern stuff!) and half a forest drifting through your swim, you can be left questioning why you even bothered getting out of bed.

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Working the night shift - Tony Curd

Feature Posted date: 13/06/2017, 16:06

Going back to my roots and doing something a little different is without any doubt at all, a lot more appealing and it’s exactly that we are going to be bringing you in this mini-series detailing some of my River sessions and explaining the tactics you need to try on your next trip! I grew up fishing on rivers and natural venues before concentrating on the match scene and a particular favourite of mine is my local Lower River Thames.

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Refined Paste Fishing - Jamie Hughes

Feature Posted date: 16/05/2017, 11:05

For this months feature I have decided to talk about my thoughts on a method that is both loved and equally hated among match anglers. Paste fishing is a real marmite method...

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